Supreme Plastics


Supreme Plastics project involved connecting, controlling and syncronizing multiple extruder and moulding machines spread across multiple halls. The project was implemented using multiple remote IO modules to fulfill connectivity requirements. A total of 16 machines were connected and controlled. A SCADA application was created to manage the PLC and communication Infrastructure. An andon display was installed on each hall to display key KPI to operators

Mahindra and Mahindra, Nagpur

A challenging project involving multiple layers of communication, connectivity to multiple types of machines, Tracebility and Integration with ERP. An RFID tagging mechanism was used to trace a part along the complete life-cycle and perform suitable actions at individual stations. The communication involved multiple physical layers like Rs485 and Ethernet. Protocols like Modbus, Can, Proprietory, ASCII were used to Integrate PLC's, Robots, Energy Meter etc. Data collected at every station was then integrated with an ERP system for reporting purposes.


KCA Injector Line


This project was a retrofit job involving proprietory protocols for valve controls. The assembly line was more than a decade old and non availability of proprietory valves was the biggest challenge. The line was one without a backup and hence it maintiaining it was essential.

We replaced the existing stations on the line with PLCs, removed the need dependence on proprietory protocols and also used the existing pnuematic valves reducing costs and enhancing the maintainability and life of the assembly line

The whole line was  rewired and re-commissioned with 10 days for which the customer appreciated us.

In the Line, there were 10 station along with a robot integration. The robot was 10 years old and all station were successfully integrated. The control was decentralized (previously depended on 1 controller) hence providing additional flexibility in line operation when the PLC failed.